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This project contains a Windows service application that provides the ability to create .NET assemblies that can be scheduled to run at any time, similar to that of the Windows AT scheduler.

Solution Projects



The Task Service is a Windows service application that runs all of the tasks.


The Task Service Harness application is a console that runs all of the tasks. This is used during your testing an debugging of the tasks.


The TaskLib is the library that does all of the work of loading the tasks, scheduling the tasks, and executing the tasks.


The Task Plugin Test application is a Windows application that allows you to manually execute a given task. This application allows you to manually chose a task to run.


This is the setup application for the Task Service. It will take care of installing and uninstalling the service. Installing the Task Plugin Test application, creating the task (plugin) and log directories.

Interfaces and Utilities


This library has all of the required interfaces, attributes, enumerations and classes for the Task creation.
For information on using the ITaskPlugin interface to create your own plugin check out the ITaskPlugin Introduction.

Sample Tasks/ Plugins


This task will copy files from one directory to another at a specified interval


This task provides the basic shell for creating for creating a task/plugin. This can be replaced with the Task Service Plugin template.


This task will run "DOS" commands, more correctly it creates ProcessStartInfo objects.


Task Service Plugin Template

This is a Visual Studio 2008 C# template that will create C# project with all of the required files for a task for the Task Service.

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